Commercial Tinting

– Do you have a room or office that is always uncomfortably hot because of the heat and glare of the sun?
– Is your air-conditioning system unable to cope with imbalances of room temperatures?
– Is glare on computer screens giving your staff a headache?
– Do you want to stop prying eyes looking into your building?
– Are your products fading in a window display?

Why have your building windows tinted?

Save Money!
Solar Window film is a lot more price effective than blinds.
Cut your air conditioning costs – less heat means less aircon.
Not only do window films help in the summer but they also help reduce heat loss in the winter.

Reduce Heat
Up to a 78% heat reduction can be achieved compared to untreated glass. This will help to reduce the problems of hot-spots.

Reduce Fading
99% of harmful UV rays are blocked. This will protect your product displays or furniture and carpets against fading.

Stop Glare
No more annoying glare from direct sunlight or reflections from water, snow or surrounding buildings.

Increase Safety and Security
Shattering glass is a hazard when accidents happen or when vandalism or environmental effects cause breakage. By applying a window film the glass will be held in place stopping shards entering the room and causing injury.

Increase Privacy
Window tinting provides an increased level of privacy, tinted solar window film make it difficult for opportunistic thieves to see into your building

Enhances Appearance
Give your building a quick and cheap facelift with solar window film tinting.
A smart uniform look improves the appearance of your building dramatically.

Fast And Hassle Free Installation
Our professional installation is fast and non-intrusive. There is minimal disruption to work schedules.

Maintenance Free And A Brighter Room
Tinted widows just work, they are maintenance free, just clean them like regular windows.
No need for dirty, dust collecting blinds and unlike blinds, with solar film you keep 100% of your view

1st Class Guarantee
We guarantee all of our installations against defects in business for 10 years. Your business or home will be left in the same condition as if we were never there. The price we quote is the price you pay. We start work when we say we will. We can work flexible hours to suit you.

Commercial Premises Law

Did you know that ANY glass in pretty much ANY building (other than private residences) that is fitted in the critical locations outlined below, BY LAW, must display a legible safety marking and if it doesn’t, it is the occupiers / facilities manager of that building, not the owner, who will get prosecuted. We fit a clear security film, 100 or 200 microns thick depending on the thickness of the glass , to bring it up to BSEN12600, for a fraction of the cost of replacing all the glass. This film effectively laminates the glass making it far safer in the event of an accident. It also makes the window far more secure against attempted break in.

What are my Options ?

If you find non kite marked, unsafe glass in your commercial property, you have two main options:

1) Replace all the glass
2) Get the offending glass coated with security film

The first option is expensive and time consuming. Applying security and safety film to your windows will ensure you apply with the law and take away the liability of prosecution.