Residential and Conservatory Tinting

Benefits of Window Tinting

– Block up to 79% of Heat
– Block 77% of Glare
– Block 99% of Harmful U.V. Ray’s
– Protect Skin and Eyes
– Reduce Heat Loss in Winter, Saving on Heating costs
– Reduce Damage and Fading to Furniture
– Increased Privacy
– Keep 100% of your view
– Maintenance Free
– Cheaper than Blinds

– Conservatory too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter ?
– Expensive furniture, carpets and curtains fading ?
– Sun’s glare giving you a headache ?
– Would you like to see who is at the door without them being able to see you ?

Summer is the time where we want to make the most use of our conservatories, but we find we can’t because it becomes unbearably hot. Window Tinting is one solution that out performs the rest.

Relax, Be Cool and Comfortable

There is nothing better than the comfort of sitting in your own conservatory, however a lot of our customers find it too uncomfortable to use due to the heat and glare from the sun.
Whilst you can spend lots on blinds and only partially solve the problem, by tinting your windows you are able to keep your view and reduce the amount of heat, glare and harmful UV rays that penetrates into your conservatory. This not only keeps the room at a comfortable temperature, but also helps to reduces fading of items in your conservatory as well as providing privacy at all times.
No Maintenance film means what it says on the tin, and tinting will insure you always enjoy the full pleasure of your conservatory as intended.

Why Reduce Glare?

Glare is not only annoying it can be harmful and tiring on the eyes. Our films can provide from 20% to more than 80% reduction of glare and reflection while maintaining a crystal clear, unobscured view. This makes it easier to see the computer or television screen.

What Causes Fading?

Extended exposure to ultraviolet light and heat can negatively affect carpets, curtains and upholstery fabrics. Beautiful rich colours become faded and dull, patterns lose their clarity,plain cloth becomes striped at the folds, even pale, subtle tones are adversely affected. Custom paint and wood finishes are also at risk, along with the art in your home.


Some of our films can give the added benefit that your view looking outside is unrestricted but people can’t see in, allowing complete privacy. In addition, the films give a smart uniform look which improves the exterior appearance of your home.

Maximized Security and Safety

All our films bond firmly to the glass, helping to hold shattered windows together if broken, protecting you and others. Our quality installation means that it is also child and pet safe. There is nothing to pull down or get tangled in!!
Darker tints make it harder for opportunistic thieves to peer into your house.

Clear Armorcoat films are also available if you want the security and safety without a tint, Armorcoat films also provide 99% UV protection. Please click links to the right to see Armorcoat in action.